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To dream of roses represents your feelings of love towards someone or that someone is more special to you than anyone else you know. It may also reflect your faithfulness, […]

A US man has admitted to having such an intense addiction to the act of smelling, consuming, and even sipping from cans of tuna that it has led him to […]

Once again, a Scottish council has emerged as a region with a significant number of twins commencing their primary school journey, with 17 sets of twins enrolling this year. This […]

To dream of a neighborhood you’ve never been in may reflect feelings about unfamiliar situations you experiencing in waking life. New social situations, new jobs, new friends, new success, or […]

A company in Taiwan makes dinnerware out of wheat, so you can eat your plate after you’re done with your meal. Source: Factzpedia

To dream of ice cream represents the act of comforting yourself or adopting habits to lift your spirits amid a negative situation. Cheering up from bad situation. It signifies the […]

The small wooden box that hangs on the side of a mountain provides refreshments to climbers who need a quick break in the middle of their climb.According to CGTN, the […]

An Ohio woman was arrested for breaking into random houses, cleaning them and leaving a bill behind along with her contact information.

To dream of having missed a boat that was supposed to pick you up represents feelings about having lost an opportunity to safely get through an uncertain or negative situation. […]

To dream of lice represents thoughts and feelings of being unclean physically or emotionally. You may feel guilt, regret, used, dirty, or like you’re not good enough. Feelings about about […]

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