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Don’t we all love a fully loaded, cheesy slice of pizza? For many people out there, pizza is their comfort food and brings a big smile to their faces. Among […]

In a tale with a tail, a family from Lehi, Utah, found themselves in disbelief when their beloved cat Galena embarked on an unexpected journey to California inside an Amazon […]

The campaign sees consumers screaming at the top of their lungs to get a free Hershey’s ice cream cone. The digital board utilises sound technology to react to the decibels […]

TOKYO: For the first time, an experiment of food delivery by drones in an inhabited area was conducted in Tokyo. The ASL-PF2 drone, which is waterproof and dustproof and can […]

In the age of social media, influencers, and content creators are often seen recording TikTok videos or Instagram reels in public. In an attempt to go viral, several creators are […]

A cat in China accidentally turned on the induction cooker in its owner’s kitchen and set the home on fire, causing more than 100,000 yuan in damages. According to the South […]

They say there’s no deed bigger than feeding the hungry and Golden Temple in Amritsar has been doing this non stop for ages now! Yes, the Golden Temple has the […]

A curious car spotted cruising the streets of America has left onlookers baffled and social media buzzing. The vehicle appears to be defying gravity, driving along with its wheels seemingly […]

A video of a heartwarming turn of events at the local animal shelter, where a young boy’s visit to adopt a kitten took an unexpectedly affectionate twist, is going viral. […]

Of late, the trend of Instagram influences indulging in dangerous car stunts for shooting reels has seen a sharp rise. Despite repeated reminders by authorities, content creators don’t seem to […]

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