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You can be denied citizenship to Switzerland if your neighbors think you’re too annoying.

Dreaming of an old dilapidated building can indicate that you want to remove something in your life. The bricks in the building can indicate the blocks in life if you noticed them. To be overwhelmed but the abandoned building can suggest that you wish to hide away in life. Source: AuntyFlo

Wedding moments are meant to be cherished forever. One such video is going crazy viral on internet shows a video of a bride and groom playing rock-paper-scissors just before exchanging the garlands. Shared by the official handle of WeddingWire India on Instagram on July 30, the video is going viral now. The bride and groom […]

According to a study, dogs have dreams about their owners.

To see coop in a dream may represent that you will overcome the troubles and barriers. To see a barnyard fowl in your dream may imply that you will overcome your financial problems thanks to achievements which you did by yourself. To see that you are living in a coop in your dream refers to […]

An unusual advertisement in an Australian newspaper has grabbed eyeballs. This is because a disgruntled woman decided to shame her “cheater” partner through a full-page advert. The photo of the advertisement has now gone viral, cracking up people on the Internet. The picture was shared by the weekly newspaper, Mackay and Whitsunday Life, on Facebook […]

The Sandbox tree also known as the Dynamite Tree is covered on spikes full of poison and grows exploding fruits. The fruit looks like little pumpkins, but when they fully mature they explode with a loud bang and fling their seeds at up to 150 mph.

A vegetable garden or an orchard in your dream suggests that you have a productive nature. It also means that you have a focused approach to life. You see it is important to be focused and fruitful in whatever you do. This dream also shows productiveness in terms of moving in a direction that changes […]

A video showing a theft inside a temple in Madhya Pradesh’s Jabalpur is gaining traction on social media. Captured by the CCTV installed inside the temple in Sukha village, it shows a shirtless thief entering the inner sanctum and bowing before the chief deity – a goddess – before committing the crime. The interesting gesture […]

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