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In Chichibu, Japan, two hours northwest of Tokyo, there’s an odd museum; perhaps the only one of its kind. It’s called the Chinsekikan (which means Hall of Curious Rocks) and it houses over 1700 rocks that resemble human faces. The museum houses all kinds of jinmenseki, or rock with a human face, including celebrity lookalikes like Elvis Presley. […]

This large fish is the most highly sought-after fish in the world and is considered to be so high value that they are given a microchip before they are sold. These fish can sell for $200,000 or more, with a Platinum Asian Arowana selling for $400,000 or more. These fish do reach over 4 feet in […]

Santosh had taken a loan of Rs 1 lakh for his wife’s delivery and other medical needs after losing his job due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Right before the delivery, his friend informed him about Medicare’s free delivery scheme for girls. Santosh decided to take a chance and admitted his wife to Medicare. While he […]

The language is associated with Kuşköy, a village in Turkey’s northern Pontic Mountains that has hosted a Bird Language, Culture and Art Festival annually since 1997. The language dates back 400 years, but the origin is still uncertain. For three centuries, farmers living in the remote mountains of northern Turkey have communicated great distances by whistling. It’s […]

Building a restaurant on top of a massive heat source is not the easiest task. Architects Eduardo Caceres and Jesus Soto had to lay 9 layers of basalt rock in lieu of digging down to build a foundation. A giant grill is laid across the opening, where 6 feet below, the gentle giant is softly […]

While they’re often prepared and eaten like vegetables, funnily enough, avocados are biologically fruits. Even weirder, avocados are actually single-seeded berries in the same family as sassafras, the bay laurel, and various species of cinnamon tree.

Bacteria and fungi love moist, warm, dark areas like your ear canal, and studies show that earbuds can cause an 11-fold increase in the bacteria in the ear canal. You shouldn’t share your earbud with anyone because that can increase your exposure to new bacteria or fungi.

Potato Chip Rock is one of those hikes that even non-hikers want to go on to get a photo. It is located outside of San Diego, in the town of Poway, and it features a no joke 8-mile hike to a thin rock that people climb on, and that looks like it will break at […]

Korean skincare has been getting so popular lately and we are not surprised. More and more people in our country are switching their skincare routines to a Korean one and are talking so highly of the effects. There are people who can afford to invest their time and money into buying too many skincare products, […]

Egypt is classified as the oldest country in the world, dating back to 3100 BCE.

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