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Though there are short people and tall people everywhere, Indonesia is home to some of the shortest people in the world, according to data compiled from various global sources by the Telegraph in 2017. When taking both genders into account, the average adult is around 5 feet, 1.8 inches. People in Bolivia don’t tend to be much taller, […]

Based on Singapore’s popular travel destinations, I’d think either Japan or Thailand to be the most visited country. Surprisingly, before COVID-19 made travel take a backseat, France was the most visited country in the world. Apart from exploring the city of love, many travellers also pass through it on their way to Italy and Spain.  

It’s been seven years since Fuggerei was in the news. That was when the Wall Street Journal paid a visit to the historic German village. But the strange town is still just as interesting today. It’s here where 142 residents live in a gated community within the city of Augsburg, where praying three times a day is a requirement and […]

Mount Everest may not have physically grown, having reached maturity a long time ago, however, the most recent measurement performed by surveyors representing China and Nepal has the mountain peak standing taller than we’d thought in the past. Previous readings have ranged from 29,002 feet above sea level in 1856 down to 20,029 in 1955, according to […]

A 32-year-old man died after his enraged father allegedly hit him with a wooden club for quarrelling over not getting to taste a dish made at home in Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka, police said on Wednesday. The incident happened at Guttigar in Sullia taluk of the district on Tuesday, they said. The victim has […]

Hang on to your hats because this isn’t your average wind storm. In 1996, a tropical cyclone named Olivia hit off the coast of Barrow Island, Australia with such a force that it broke an incredible record. According to The Weather Channel, “Olivia’s eyewall produced five extreme three-second wind gusts, the peak of which was a […]

This ancient Inca town rests on top of two fault lines in Peru. That means earthquakes were expected events. So how did they live through it? In fact, the Incans created a brilliant engineering technique called ‘ashlar masonry’, where rocks are cut to fit perfectly together without mortar. This allowed the stones to move in […]

France is a beautiful country, filled to the brim with delicious wines, scrumptious cheese, and tons of romance. So it’s no surprise that more people want to visit France than any other country in the world, according to the United Nations World Tourism Organization. In 2017, the European country welcomed 86.9 million people. Spain was the second-most […]

In 1905, an 11-year-old boy named Frank Epperson left soda powder and water outside overnight with its wooden stirrer still in the cup. The mixture had frozen in the chilly nighttime weather, and so the Epsicle was born. He sold the treat around his neighborhood and a nearby amusement park and even patented the recipe. […]

The Hmong docked tail dogs are a rare species of dogs that are primarily found in Asian regions including China and Vietnam. These dogs are known for their hunting instincts and for being loyal companions to their families. Hmong, pronounced as ‘mong’, docked tail dogs are a medium-sized breed of dog with a really short […]

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