Man Identifies 20 Taylor Swift in a Minute -Breaks Guinness World Record

Written by on February 15, 2024

Bilal Ilyas Jhandir from Pakistan bagged a new record for correctly identifying the most Taylor Swift songs from their lyrics within a minute.

Pak Man, 20, Breaks Guinness World Record For Identifying Most Taylor Swift Songs In A Minute

A 20-year-old man from Pakistan has secured the title of the world’s number one Talyor Swift fan by setting a new Guinness World Record (GWR). Bilal Ilyas Jhandir, who calls himself a “die-hard fan” of the pop sensation, bagged a new record for identifying the most Taylor Swift songs from their lyrics within a minute.

He correctly named a total of 34 songs and broke the previous record of 27, set by UK’s Dan Simpson in 2019. “I have been listening to Taylor Swift since my childhood. I am a die-hard fan of her,” the 20-year-old said, as perΒ GWR.

According to the official website, the 20-year-old practised for 13 weeks before the official test. This involved “extensive listening sessions,” which resulted in the songs becoming ingrained in his brain that he says he often recited lyrics aloud while sleeping.

Bilal Ilyas Jhandir decided to break this record as he believed it was the “best way on Earth” to demonstrate his “extraordinary love” for Taylor Swift. He said that the record attempt proved to be “an easy task,” although he admitted that having the lyrics spoken by a man, instead of sung by Taylor Swift, added an extra layer of difficulty.

The 20-year-old revealed that he has been listening to the pop singer since he was 13.Meanwhile, according to GWR, this isn’t Bilal’s first world record. He holds two other titles, including the most animals identified from animal sounds in one minute (23) and the most Justin Bieber songs identified from lyrics in one minute (29).

source : NDTV

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