Man reunited with missing wallet 30 years later

Written by on February 15, 2024

Fraser Gall found the wallet with his dog on a beach in Scotland

Fraser Gall found the wallet with his dog on a beach in Scotland (Image: Fraser Gall)

A man has miraculously been reunited with his wallet – a whole 30 years after it vanished.

Fraser Gall, from East Lothian in Scotland, found the ‘time capsule’ wallet while walking his dog on North Berwick’s East Sands, causing quite the stir. After posting about the find on social media, he managed to return the old-school purse to its truly surprised owner.

Fraser decided to return the old wallet to its rightful owner and used Facebook to track them down. After posting pictures of the wallet, he was contacted by a local who knew the person who had lost it years ago.

The owner was so grateful for Fraser’s efforts that they offered him a pint when they met. But Fraser, who enjoys hunting for old bottles and memorabilia, was just pleased to see the wallet returned to its owner.

source : Mirrors

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