Passenger Gets Her Driver A Surprise Gift

Written by on May 6, 2024


Recently, a video surfaced which showed a passenger’s kind act towards an auto driver. The video has amassed over nine lakh views on social media.The video was shared by digital creator Joyee on Instagram. The now-viral clip shows her thoughtful gesture towards an auto driver, who has been helping her with commuting since her school days. Joyee saw that the diligent auto driver was consuming water from a plastic bottle, so she decided to show her appreciation by surprising him with a new bottle. The small but heartfelt gesture of goodwill was intended to thank him for his dedication and hard work.

The video shows Joyee sitting in an auto and the driver driving the vehicle. She then zooms her camera to the driver’s plastic bottle. A few moments later, the video shows the heartwarming moment when Joyee gives the driver a new water bottle. The man’s happiness and joy upon getting the surprise gift has won everyone’s hearts online.

Source: NDTV

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