Woman Backflips In Her Wedding Lehenga !!! – Would You ??

Written by on April 16, 2024

Weddings are grand affairs and when it comes to an Indian marriage, they are just vibe. From grand proposals, larger than life sets, bespoke invites, luxurious and designer trousseaus and delicious delicacies, Indian weddings are big fat celebrations.

And now, people have started a new practice of pre-wedding photoshoots. Couples are coming up with new and creative ideas to make their wedding memorable with out of box ideas.

Recently, a bride decided to do something different and ditched the fancy backdrop or any romantic background.

The bride did her photoshoot in a park. Yes, you read it right. An Instagram user, Parul Arora shared a video of the couple in which the bride could be seen doing a backflip in a park, seemingly on a monkey bar, while donning her wedding lehenga, and the groom was only standing near the bar looking at the bride. He was completely amazed by the girl’s dedication and energy. The Instagram user captioned the video, “Wedding shoots are getting tougher nowadays.”

This Woman's Killer Backflip In Wedding Lehenga Needs Your Undivided  Attention - News18

Soon after the video was shared online, it went viral on social media and online users couldn’t stop themselves from reacting to it. A user quipped, “Bro is standing there questioning his life.” Another user wrote, “Makeup artist crying in a corner, seeing that dupatta flip.”  Another joked, “Dulha Getting Married to Tiger Shroff Female Version.” A user wrote, “Enjoying the childhood for one last time.”

The video has gathered 10.9 million views since it was shared on social media.



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