Man attacked every day for three years by crows

Written by on April 16, 2024

An Indian man has been attacked every day for the past three years by crows ‘bent on vengeance’ after one of their chicks died in his hands.

Shiva Kewat, fromย Madhya Pradesh, India, said he tried to save the baby bird after it got stuck in iron netting but the chick didn’t make it.

The daily wager, who has been repeatedly scratched and pecked, now has to take a stick with him every time he leaves the house in case the birds decide to launch an attack, reports theย Times of India.

Kewat said: ‘If only I could explain to them, I was only trying to help… Poor things, they believe I killed the chick.’ In a video Kewat is seen fending off a bird as he stands on the side of a road.ย He ducks and dives, trying to push the determined crow away which circles his head for several seconds. Since the regular attacks started three years ago, Kewat has been injured multiple times on his head.

Source: Daily Mail

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