Woman Dances On Roof Of Lamborghini, Smashes Windshield !!!!

Written by on April 30, 2024

Viral Video: Woman Dances On Roof Of Lamborghini, Smashes Windshield
In the age of social media, influencers, and content creators are often seen recording TikTok videos or Instagram reels in public.
In an attempt to go viral, several creators are also seen engaging in rather risky feats and bizarre stunts.
One such video has surfaced on social media websites showing a woman smashing the windscreen of a Lamborghini after she ran it up dancing.

The video shared on Reddit, shows the TikToker, wearing a pink tube top and a white skater shirt,ย running up the hood of a blue Lamborghini, up its windscreen and onto its roof.

As she steps onto it, the windshield shatters, leaving a huge crack in the glass.

Though she notices it and appears to be shocked for a second, she continues to complete her dance routine as planned.

In the past too, the woman identified as TikTok user @snowbunnyjelly, has shot several such videos of herself throwing slushies on cars, jumping on their roofs and throwing bats at them.

The video which has gone viral, has angered many, who said that it ”hurts” seeing an expensive car like that damaged.

Meanwhile, some wondered how easily the window appeared to give way under her weight.

Some viewers also speculated the video may have been staged.


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