Bride reads out husband’s affair texts instead of vows at their wedding

Written by on April 30, 2024

In an essay written for Body + Soul, bride Casey (not her real name) explained that it was the night before she was due to marry Alex (also a pseudonym) when she received an anonymous message.

Casey had been with Alex for six years, and was looking forward to marrying her best friend until the text accompanied by a host of screenshots came through.

The message read: “I wouldn’t marry him. Will you?”

The screenshots showed a series of messages from her husband-to-be and another woman.

Casey described every word of these messages as being like a “dagger to the heart”, but she was conflicted over whether to still go ahead with their wedding, as it was only hours away.

The bride confided that she still loved Alex and wanted to marry him, but by morning she had made a decision.

She was still going to go ahead with the ceremony, but instead of reading her vows, she would ‘out’ her partner’s antics to everyone due to be attending.

Casey described a “ripple of shock” going through the crowd as she exposed her partner and read “every single message she sent me” aloud to the crowd.

Despite the heartbreaking events of what was supposed to be a ceremony of love, the jilted bride declared the night to be a “celebration of honesty” rather than wedding reception.



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