World Puppetry Day

Written by on March 21, 2023

While it can take on a variety of different forms, puppetry involves creating animation from inanimate objects, with the purpose of telling a story. Puppetry has been used for thousands of years to communicate ideas theatrically, whether in a comedic, dramatic, political or tragic fashion.

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World Puppetry Day is here to celebrate the creativity, art and impact that puppeteers and puppetry can have on humankind!

How to Celebrate World Puppetry Day

Get involved and have tons of fun for World Puppetry Day! Celebrating this day can be filled with all sorts of fun activities and plans that pay honor and respect to the world of puppetry. Get started with some of these ideas:

Make a Puppet Show with Kids

Whether teachers, parents or community leaders, those who are involved with kids can certainly encourage the celebration of and participation with World Puppetry Day. It could be something as simple as letting a group of kids create sock puppets, write a script and put on a show.  Or it could be something more elaborate that takes many months to prepare and the show is performed on World Puppetry Day.

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