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Heads or tails is the question to solve any simple dilemma. But if you’re a particularly adorable Golden Retriever puppy, heads and tails are the same thing. Narwhal is a […]

A man’s bizarre attempt to transport several meters of timber out of a New Zealand Bunnings carpark has gone viral. In a video posted to the social media platform, the man […]

Forget five-star hotels and curated experiences. The new wave of travel influencers crave authenticity, seeking experiences that push boundaries and challenge perceptions. Embarking on a nine-month odyssey across the vibrant […]

Celebrity chef Ranveer Brar’s first restaurant in Dubai, Kashkan, has become immensely popular on social media because of a particular dish. Videos of a dhal being served in a bowl […]

Move over, party people! There’s a new dance floor queen in town or get ready to be amazed. An Instagram video shows an incredible sight: a grandmother enjoying herself at […]

A captivating video showcasing a couple’s lavish stay in a luxurious underwater hotel room has taken social media by storm, igniting a flurry of reactions from intrigued users. The footage, […]

A woman who thought she was going to have a dream date in Hawaii ended up being dumped by her Tinder meet-up at a volcano site. According to the New York […]

  There is no dearth of people trying bizarre things on the internet. From fusion food recipes to weird hacks to save time and money, social media users are trying […]

A woman on X (formerly Twitter) recently shared a wholesome journey of one of her students who is now a special needs teacher in Mumbai. In a series of tweets, […]

Videos that go viral on social media are often illogical and defy common sense. One such video from China shows a man reportedly getting a ‘clepsydra-inspired’ hairstyle. One of the oldest […]

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