Why qatar has blue roads? If you are thinking of visiting Qatar, or you live in Qatar, you may be suprised to find some roads in Doha painted in blue while others are painted with the regular black asphalt. Painiting of roads in blue has never be done anywhere, Qatar are the first to have […]

Vivaah Pattu is the most expensive Silk Sari / Saree in the entire world. This is priced at INR 40lakh and this is made by Indian weaves based at Chennai. This Saree entered into the Guinness World Records as well. Vazhai naar pattu saree is a very trending saree for a long period of time. It’s […]

Parineeti’s wedding lehenga came straight from there. Exuding regal grace, the actress aced the minimal bridal aesthetic beautifully. Her elegant Manish Malhotra lehenga was not an ordinary one. Hand-crafted with intricate nakshi embroidery, her lehenga took 2500 hours to create and had a matching mesh blouse The vintage gold thread and metal sequins in a mesmerising linear geometric […]

Korean skincare has been getting so popular lately and we are not surprised. More and more people in our country are switching their skincare routines to a Korean one and are talking so highly of the effects. There are people who can afford to invest their time and money into buying too many skincare products, […]

In a heartwarming display of creativity and cuteness, one-year-old Zaleyna Lavanya Ishra recently had a mermaid-themed photoshoot by the seaside. The delightful snapshots, captured by professional photographer Carrie from Ashcar Photography Fiji, have won the hearts of many with their undeniable charm. Zaleyna, a lively and spirited little girl, embarked on her seaside adventure wearing […]

In a chat conversation, My AI can answer a burning trivia question, offer advice on the perfect gift for your BFF’s birthday, help plan a hiking trip for a long weekend or suggest what to make for dinner. Snapchatters in other countries had to wait, but the company has now rolled out My AI bot access […]

Use Egg Mask eggs are such a popular hair remedy, especially for smoothening dry, frizzy hair. Try this simple egg mask to tame your curly hair. How to use: Break 1 egg in a bowl, and add 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise and 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Whisk all the ingredients to make a paste. […]

Whiteheads are a type of mild, noninflammatory acne that develops when sebum, dead cells, and dirt build up inside a skin pore or hair follicle and remain trapped there due to a closed opening. The collection of oil and dead cells inside the closed pore can then attract bacteria that feed on them and multiply, […]

Home Remedy for Dark Elbows and Knees How to use: Mix 1 tbsp of yogurt, 1 tbsp of almond oil, and ½ tbsp of gram flour to form a thick paste. Massage the paste onto your elbows and knees for 15 minutes. Allow the mask to dry for 20 minutes, and then rinse it off […]

Pain in the heel is pretty common and causes a lot of discomfort. It can be due to excessive pressure on the heel, and it can affect the ankle and the foot. Anyone can experience heel pain. It is not restricted to the elderly. Heel pain can be extremely bothersome because the heels are naturally […]

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