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      To dream of scissors represents decisiveness, emotional separation from issues, or getting rid of something. You may be making a choice, or cutting something out of your life. It may also reflect some area of your life being severed. Source: Dream Bible

In seahorses and pipefish, it is the male that gets pregnant and gives birth.  

Dreaming of a bill is the omen that spiritual guidance is trying to make you pay back what you owe. The best way to overcome this situation is to carry out a number of good deeds for others. Source: Auntyflo

Scaptia beyonceae is a species of horse fly found in Queensland, Australia. Discovered in 1981 but not scientifically described until 2011, the fly is named after American recording artist and actress Beyoncé.

A caged bird can represent hopelessness. If a caged bird appears in your dream, you are feeling very unsure about a situation or else you feel helpless to do anything about something negative. If the bird in your dream does not become freed, it shows that you are not working hard enough to do something […]

If you were stuck in your chair, or if you were unable to stand up and sit down freely in your dream, then there is something you are very stressed about. You must accept that sometimes you need to let things go and let other people handle important issues. You cannot be everywhere at once, […]

Liquid tree or LIQUID 3, the novel creation is Serbia’s first urban photo-bioreactor, a solution in the fight for clean air. It contains six hundred litres of water and works by using microalgae to bind carbon dioxide and produce pure oxygen through photosynthesis. The microalgae replace two 10-year-old trees or 200 square meters of lawn.

The broom is a sign of great fortune. It is a symbol of happiness and gives the art of reflection, t sweeps away negative influences. Brooms have always been connected with making a sweep in life. To clear up old bad habits. If, however, the broom is damaged this means that you have been treating […]

Greenland will stay in daylight saving time forever. Greenland’s parliament voted to stick to daylight savings time year-round in November last year.

A white goat means luck and happiness coming your way, but a black goat is a sign of illness. In general a black goat is a symbol of bad luck, unpleasantness and problems in your family. Dreaming of a graceful black goat predicts that you will be disappointed by your lover. Source: Auntyflo

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