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People frequently reheat and eat leftover food the next day. However, a woman’s method of heating a leftover naan and consuming it has created a stir online. A user on Instagram recently shared a clip stating how leftover food tastes “10 times better” when consumed the next day. In the video, the woman, Alishay, is […]

A doctor working on a contract basis at a government hospital in Karnataka’s Chitradurga district was sacked after engaging in a pre-wedding photoshoot within the confines of the operation theatre. The incident, captured on video and circulated on social media, sparked outrage and led to swift action by the Karnataka government. The footage shows Dr […]

A car scrapping company in Britain is offering jilted exes the chance to send former lovers to the junk heap for Valentine’s Day. Scrap Car Comparison announced its “Scrap Your Ex” program will allow people to have cars named after their exes before being sent to the scrap heap. Anyone seeking to have their ex […]

India celebrated a significant victory at the recent Grammy Awards, with Shankar Mahadevan and Zakir Hussain’s band Shakti clinching the prestigious Best Global Music Album award for their outstanding work on This Moment. The ensemble, which also features guitarist John McLaughlin, vocalist Shankar Mahadevan, percussionist V Selvaganesh, and violinist Ganesh Rajagopalan, earned accolades for their […]

A Malaysia-born content creator was left shocked after discovering a selfie that showed her husband in the background, two years before they met. According to the New York Post, Jen Chia met her husband Jon Liddell in 2014 but he had been in one of her photos two years before they actually met. Her husband was featured in […]

Kathleen Murray, a woman from Tasmania, Australia, has emerged victorious in the unique competition known as the “World’s Ugliest Lawn.” Her dry yellow grass, drooping plants, and divots dug by rats, previously seen as unsightly, are now recognized for their water-saving abilities. Originating in drought-affected Sweden, the contest has gained international popularity, encouraging people globally […]

Teachers play a very important role in the lives of students. They teach, inspire, nurture and raise them to be the best version of themselves. Some teachers go the extra mile for their students to make them feel valued and loved. In an inspiring example of his commitment and love for his students, a teacher […]

A cafe owner in Australia has sparked a discussion on social media after he kicked out the family of four whose children were reportedly crying, according to New York Post. The mother of the children, Laura Edwards, watched in horror as the management of Adele’s Cafe on Magnetic Island threatened to call police if the family […]

A cafe in Tokyo is famous for catering to pessimists and people with a negative mindset. According to Forbes, Negative Cafe and Bar Mori Ouchi is located in Tokyo’s Shimokitazawa neighbourhood and is advertised as a soothing space for gloomy people. The owner of the cafe, who himself is suffering from depression, got the idea for […]

A £1.75billion Spanish submarine project has run aground after officials realised that the vessel is more than 70 tonnes too heavy – because an engineer put a decimal point in the wrong place. A former Spanish official has described the mistake, which has led to fears that the submarine might not resurface if sent to […]

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