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Sleep may seem like such a normal aspect of life that it might seem silly to even talk about it! It can be one of the most banal, underrated aspects of people‚Äôs lives. But for those who have recurring sleep problems, getting enough sleep can be a real challenge and affect everything else in life. […]

Only about 30 percent people can flare their nostrils.

If you have a dream about oranges, you will find that all of your wishes to be healthy and vibrant are going to come true. Orange dreams directly relate to health in all fashion. Therefore, dreaming of oranges implies that you are letting go of negativity, frustration as well as the feeling of not being […]

There is enough energy in one bolt of lightening to power a home for two weeks.

The beetle in your dream often indicates warm and passionate feelings you display about others. It is important to be aware of your surroundings, and to avoid any extreme emotions such as jealousy. Dreaming of a ladybird indicates a part of your personality that is invisible to others, and it probably needs to be uncovered […]

If you are the posting bail in your dream, it suggests that you should be ready for unforeseen troubles which may happen in your life. The troubles might cause instability which will transform you into a difficult situation. If you take the right steps, you might prevent difficulty going forward. Source: Auntyflo

Biologists have documented female anacondas strangling their mates after mating, likely to use as food later.

To see yourself carrying a baby girl in the dream indicates that you need to care more about those that love you. To see a happy, smiling and bright baby girl in the dream indicates you are going to have many positive relationships going forward. A very small tiny baby girl in a dream can […]

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