Man Quits “Toxic” Job, Dances To Dhol Beats In Front Of Ex Boss

Written by on April 29, 2024

A Pune man recently said goodbye to his allegedly toxic workplace, and it was no ordinary farewell. Aniket, a sales associate, summoned musicians to his office and danced to the beats of dhol while his boss looked on. This not-so-usual departure from the company was posted online by popular content creator Anish Bhagat.

“I think a lot of you are going to relate to this. Toxic work culture is so prominent these days. Lack of respect and entitlement is quite common,” the creator claimed.

Mr Bhagat claimed that Aniket left his job of three years due to a “very toxic” work environment. In a video shared on Instagram, Aniket said that his raise was in “peanuts” and there was no respect from his boss. He said he felt stuck because he was “from a middle-class family.”

To make Aniket’s exit memorable, Mr Bhagat, along with Aniket’s friends, organised a surprise party outside his office on his last day. They brought in dhols and waited for his manager to come out. As soon as he did, Aniket shook his hand, and said, “Sorry sir, bye-bye”. Next, he was dancing to the beats of the dhol.

Source: NDTV


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