Mum makes kids ‘pay’ for food

Written by on January 6, 2023

While it’s always a good idea to teach your children the value of money, especially during a cost of living crisis, one mum has taken things one step further. Ashleigh Jade Le ‘charges’ her children, aged nine, ten 11, and 12 for household bills – including the Netflix subscription, food shop, and even the water bill.

The mum insists that if her children don’t make their payment, she will simply not give them access. While this may be surprising, Ashleigh assures that her method helps her kids understand the value of money.

Ashleigh gives her children paper notes to help them budget and put towards household bills.

The mum explained: “Once they’ve got their money, once it’s all been dished out and they’ve got their wages, they walk away and they all have a list of what bills they can pay.

“If they don’t pay it, they don’t get access to it.

“If they don’t pay their internet bill, I change the Wi-Fi password so they don’t have Wi-Fi.

“Some have phones – they have attempted to tether from their phone and make it through the month but that did not work, so that’s quite fun.


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