Pune Tomato Farmer Becomes Crorepati By Selling 13,000 Crates

Written by on July 19, 2023

A farmer in Pune India who cultivates tomatoes has hit the jackpot. Tukaram Bhagoji Gayakar has earned Rs 1.5 crore by selling 13,000 tomato crates in a month!

According to India Today, Tukaram owns 18 acres of agricultural land and uses 12 acres to cultivate tomatoes. His son Ishwar and daughter-in-law Sonali help him out. While Sonali takes care of planting, harvesting and packaging, Ishwar takes care of sales, management and financial planning.

One day in Narayanganj, Tukaram sold a single tomato crate for Rs 2,100. On another day, he sold 900 crates, making him earn around Rs 18 lakhs in a single day. Based on the quality of the tomatoes, he sells each crate between Rs 1000 to Rs 2400.

Source: Storypick

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