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A woman in China has complained to the police after a shop owner mocked her for asking prices of different items but not buying anything. The incident took place in […]

In a viral TikTok video, content creator Mish — who goes by the social media name @mishyymbabyy — shared the absolutely unhinged thing her boss did to get her to go to work. In […]

The Indo-Pak Partition in 1947 continues to haunt people on both sides of the border. Millions of people were killed and displaced and many were separated from their friends and […]

A video on social media has gone viral, raising concerns about the dangers of using a hot pressure cooker to iron clothes. The video, shared by Shubhangi Pandit on X, […]

A China Southern Airlines flight from Sanya to Beijing turned into a frustrating wait for passengers on March 6th. The flight, originally scheduled for a 10 am departure, was delayed […]

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Achamass (@_acha_mass) An elderly couple gained widespread internet attention for their heartwarming participation in a popular social media challenge. The couple’s […]

Celebrity chef Ranveer Brar’s first restaurant in Dubai, Kashkan, has become immensely popular on social media because of a particular dish. Videos of a dal being served in a bowl […]

Police in England say a drunken driver did the right thing after doing the wrong thing. An emergency dispatcher received an unusual call just before noon Monday when a motorist […]

Recently, an artist named Divya Baid amazed Instagram users with her stunning 3D rangoli. Many have watched it repeatedly, trying to unravel its secrets. Ms Baid’s talent lies in crafting […]

Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft and a philanthropist, is currently on a visit to India, and his various excursions have created considerable attention and discussion on the internet. In […]

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