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Videos that go viral on social media are often illogical and defy common sense. One such video from China shows a man reportedly getting a ‘clepsydra-inspired’ hairstyle. One of the oldest […]

From performing simple duties to advanced tasks, robots have entered practically every industry and are changing the world we live in. In the past decade, robotic technology has improved dramatically. […]

The Worcester Public Library in Massachusetts is offering a feline-friendly way to clear outstanding fines. Their “March Meowness” programs, running throughout March, allows patrons to ditch the cash and submit […]

In a heartening display of enduring love, an elderly couple’s remarkable relationship has captured the attention and admiration of social media users. The touching saga, shared by their grandson, has […]

A Southwest Airlines pilot’s sweet gesture with his baby daughter went viral on Instagram. The video shows a pilot named Ben announcing while holding his infant daughter. “Hey everyone, this […]

Ever find yourself smiling at funny animal videos on social media? These clips have a way of brightening your day, no matter where you are. While these moments can be […]

An Indian man has built a one-third sized replica of the historic Taj Mahal for his wife, but unlike the original, it’s their residence, not a mausoleum. Constructed with white […]

A video on social media has gone viral, raising concerns about the dangers of using a hot pressure cooker to iron clothes. The video, shared by Shubhangi Pandit on X, […]

A heartwarming video from Mumbai has caught the attention of the internet. The now-viral video shows an elderly man’s act of compassion for bus drivers. The video posted on Instagram […]

China has been renowned for its cutting-edge technology and innovative advancements. This time, it’s a room service robot in a hotel in China which is making waves on the internet. Ken Abroad, […]

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