Chinese Woman Breaks Up With Boyfriend After Family Serves Simple Meals At First Meeting

Written by on January 11, 2023

In a bizarre incident, a woman in China broke up with her boyfriend just because his parents served her simple meals. The images of it are going viral in China.

The woman who is in her early 20s from Sichuan province in southwestern China is gaining traction online after she shared pictures of the frugal dishes she was served on her two-day trip to her boyfriend’s parents’ house, Sukan Shixun reported.

The local media outlet reported that the woman had travelled two-and-a-half hours earlier this week to meet the boyfriend’s parents.

The woman was disappointed after she was served a bowl of noodles with fried eggs, pumpkin porridge, stir-fry and assorted cold dishes. She had expected fancier dishes for her first meetings with her parents. She confronted her boyfriend, “He told me that ‘it is exactly what is served in the daily life of common folks’.”

The woman added, “He knows I don’t like noodles, but a noodle dish was served for every meal. After two days, the woman decided to leave as she couldn’t stay with the family any longer. She packed her bags and ended her relationship.

Source: NDTV


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