Woman obsessed with perfume owns over 400 bottles

Written by on January 11, 2023

There’s nothing quite like adding a spritz of perfume to complete your outfit before going out – smelling nice is lovely, and many people have a signature scent that they buy again and again. But one woman has posted on TikTok to admit that signature scents aren’t really her thing as she has over 400 bottles of perfume.

She even revealed she wears perfume to bed – something many people won’t be able to relate to, much like her vast collection.

Josephine, aka Jus De Rose, who posts on TikTok shared a quick snippet of her perfumes before explaining she has over 400 – but she shared her favourites with her followers.

Josephine then shared four luxury fragrances, with brands such as Armani featuring, but surprisingly, one of the perfumes is a popular one, at a very good price.

She said: “Glossier You – probably my most worn perfume, I am almost out of this bottle, I spray this just before going to bed.

“It is calming, relaxing, smells really clean, and is also a major compliment-getter.”

Glossier You can be bought for £49 on their website, and they claim it ‘smells a bit different on everyone’. Reviews from customers have described it as ‘the perfect scent’, ‘beautiful and rich’ and ‘fresh’.

Source: Mirror.co.uk

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