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There is enough energy in one bolt of lightening to power a home for two weeks.

The beetle in your dream often indicates warm and passionate feelings you display about others. It is important to be aware of your surroundings, and to avoid any extreme emotions such as jealousy. Dreaming of a ladybird indicates a part of your personality that is invisible to others, and it probably needs to be uncovered […]

If you are the posting bail in your dream, it suggests that you should be ready for unforeseen troubles which may happen in your life. The troubles might cause instability which will transform you into a difficult situation. If you take the right steps, you might prevent difficulty going forward. Source: Auntyflo

Biologists have documented female anacondas strangling their mates after mating, likely to use as food later.

To see yourself carrying a baby girl in the dream indicates that you need to care more about those that love you. To see a happy, smiling and bright baby girl in the dream indicates you are going to have many positive relationships going forward. A very small tiny baby girl in a dream can […]

It was not until 1770 that we found out that a natural rubber made from plants can be used as an eraser. That year, Edward Nairne, an English engineer, picked up a piece of rubber instead of breadcrumbs and discovered that rubber can erase pencil markings.

The symbol of falling teeth in your dream means that you are afraid of making a fool of yourself in front of others. It can also mean your feeling embarrassed by the thought of not being able to meet the expectations of others. Source: Auntyflo

In 1950’s people laughed an average of 18 minute per day. Currently we laugh an average of 4 to 6 minutes a day.

To dream of bidding on an auction and not winning is a sign that you cannot expect to reason with someone or change who they are. You may have some limited success in getting your point across, and you could meet someone who needs to tone down their opinions. Source: Auntyflo

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