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Written by on June 14, 2023

A heartwarming story has surfaced online wherein a LinkedIn user helped a food delivery guy to find a better job.

LinkedIn User Shares How Swiggy Agent Walked 3 km To Deliver Food, Helps Him Get A Job

image credit : linkedin/priyanshi-chandel

Needless to say, food delivery apps have made people’s lives easier. While customers get hot cooked meals at their doorsteps, delivery executives have to brave extreme weather conditions and heavy traffic to deliver food on time. In these harsh conditions, sometimes, customers’ unfriendly behaviour adds to their stress.

However, a heartwarming story has surfaced online wherein a LinkedIn user helped a food delivery guy to find a better job. Priyanshi Chandel, Marketing Manager at tech company Flash, shared the story of a hungry and broke Swiggy delivery agent who came to her house with an ice cream order. When the delivery was late by 30-40 minutes, Ms. Chandel asked him the reason for the delay.

While handing over the food parcel, Sahil Singh narrated his ordeal to the customer and said that he walked 3 km to reach her flat because he was left with no money or vehicle. He added that he had a degree in Electrical and Communication Engineering.

The delivery guy told her,I did not have a scooty or any transport to travel, I walked 3 km with your order. I am absolutely out of money and it’s because of my flatmate who took the last of my money and has put me in -235 debt. I have nothing left to pay my landlord. I have not eaten for a week, just drinking water and tea to get by. I am not asking for anything, please if you can find me a job.

Ms. Chandel then asked LinkedIn users to help him find a job and uploaded images of his email address, mark sheets, certificates, and documents.

“If someone has any openings for an office boy, admin work, customer support, etc, please help a fellow out!” she appealed to internet users.

Many people stepped up to help him. Later, Ms. Chandel, in an update, shared that the delivery guy got a job. “He got a job!!! Thanks to everyone who came forward, y’all are awesome,” she said.


Source : NDTV


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