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An Ohio woman was arrested for breaking into random houses, cleaning them and leaving a bill behind along with her contact information.

To dream of having missed a boat that was supposed to pick you up represents feelings about having lost an opportunity to safely get through an uncertain or negative situation. Feelings of having missed out on a favor or a chance to be supported with your problems. Missing a chance or missing an important opportunity. […]

To dream of lice represents thoughts and feelings of being unclean physically or emotionally. You may feel guilt, regret, used, dirty, or like you’re not good enough. Feelings about about a pathetically dirty situation or problem with a sense that it might be contagious to be close to or cause you unnecessary frustration. Source: Dream […]

A woman in Brazil fell in love with a man who robbed her and now their bizarre love story has gone viral on social media. The couple detailed their romantic saga in a Twitter video which has accumulated more than 38,000 views online. “I was walking down the street where he lives and unfortunately, I […]

There is a museum dedicated to failed products. The Museum of Failure contains around 159 failed products and innovations. Source:

To dream of rags represents resources or tools you use to address or ‘clean up’ problems, which you might perceive as unimportant, insignificant, or disposable. A resource or tool that you view you as lesser, insignificant, or disposable that serves to solve a problem. Positively, dreaming about rags may represent humility, simplicity, or a sense […]

To dream of being underwater represents being overwhelmed by negative thoughts, emotions, or uncertainty. It may also reflect preoccupation with sadness, guilt, or fear. Difficult circumstances. Overwhelming emotional turmoil. Feeling that you are struggling. Difficulty coping with pressure. Overwhelming family or relationship problems. A very hard time in your life. Feeling overwhelmed by problems. Consider […]

Thieves Stole An Entire Beach In Jamaica Back In 2008 & No Culprits Have Been Found Since. That’s what happened on July 20, 2008 in Jamaica. 500 truckloads of sand were stolen from a planned resort at Coral Springs in the northern parish of Trelawny. And although it’s been 15 years since then, there has […]

A globetrotting teddy that was accidentally left behind on a mountain in Scotland will soon be reunited with his delighted owner after being rescued by a hiker. Alastair Tyson feared Mini Tyson would be lost forever after leaving the bear behind on the summit of Buachaille Etive Beag near Glencoe. The pair have climbed 50 […]

To dream of sugar represents a wish to feel better or enhance how good a situation feels. Improving acceptability or pleasure. Making a situation or idea more palatable. Improving likeability. Relaxation and indulgence. Dreaming of large amounts of sugar may reflect your preoccupation with needing to feel good at all times. Not caring about anything […]

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