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After lovingly tending to a succulent for two years, Caelie Wilkes was quite proud of herself for putting in the work to ensure the plant survived. She carefully watered it on schedule and even washed its leaves. So she got quite the shock when she went to move the plant to a new pot and […]

A couple’s dreamy seaside wedding was disrupted after huge waves crashed into the celebrations and even overturned the tables and chairs. In a scary incident from Hawaii, massive waves crashed into a wedding celebration on Saturday. A video of the same that is doing the rounds of the internet showed the gushing water overturning tables […]

YouTuber Gaurav Taneja aka Flying Beast was arrested by the Noida police on Saturday after thousands of fans, on his wife Ritu Rathee’s request, gathered at a metro station to celebrate his birthday. Taneja was first detained by the police for violating the prohibitory orders which have been imposed in Noida in view of the […]

Police in Uttar Pradesh were in for a shock after they stopped an auto overloaded with people- not 10 or even 20, but a total of 27 passengers, including both adults and children. The auto was spotted near the Bindki Kotwali area of Fatehpur. Cops checked the speed gun and chased down the over-speeding auto. […]

A man from Karanataka is being praised online for his selfless love towards his pet dog, Krish. Shivappa Yellappa Maradi threw a grand celebration recently for his dog’s birthday in Belagavi, Karnataka. He wanted to make the event so memorable that he even ordered a 100kg cake for his pet dog to cut. A video […]

A video that has gone viral on social media shows a woman falling off a scooter. The rider then starts accusing the driver behind her for the accident. The viral video shows what happened next. Video footage saved a man from being falsely accused of an accident. A video that has now gone viral on […]

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