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A dad-of-three who dreamed of claiming a Guinness World Records title has finally done it after swinging into action – and he found love along the way too. Richard Scott (UK) claimed the record for longest marathon on a swing after spending 36 hr 32 min going back and forth on a swing set. And he says […]

Gym rat Jim Arrington (USA) has spent decades sculpting his body. The retired sales professional and great-grandfather first entered the record books as the world’s oldest bodybuilder in 2015, at the tender age of 83. Now aged 90, Jim is still going strong and still winning bodybuilding competitions. He most recently competed in an IFBB Professional League […]

Nelson Mandela has many accolades. He’s  an iconic figure that triumphed over South Africa’s apartheid regime. He was a human rights lawyer, a prisoner of conscience, and an international peacemaker. And he was the first democratically elected president of a free South Africa (no biggie). So you see why the United Nations General Assembly would […]

The story of another person, Mumbai’s 87-year-old Joshi Uncle, has now gone viral. Joshi uncle sells hand-made bags for a mere Rs 40 to Rs 80. He buys pieces of cloths from sofa and curtain makers and stitches them into bags himself. He sits at Phadeke Road, Dombivli.

Golden tigers are one of the rarest animals on the planet. These tigers’ stunning coats do not make them a separate species, though. They’re a breed of Bengal tigers. Their unique coloring is actually a genetic mutation from recessive genes. Also called “golden tabby tigers” or “strawberry tigers,” these flashy felines have very few black […]

  Guess what makes the internet a better place? All the heartwarming and kind gestures shown by people who want to contribute to society. Even the smallest gesture is enough to make someone’s day and bring a smile to their faces. YouTuber Ashwani Thapa has garnered a lot of love from the internet for one […]

International Malala Day is observed on July 12 each year to honor the bravery and activism of Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani advocate for girls’ education and the youngest person to receive the Nobel Prize. International Malala Day 2023 will be addressing the 10th anniversary of Malala Yousafzai event. This special day was first celebrated in 2013, marking one year since Malala was […]

A mother of a six-month-old baby was appearing for a Gujarat High Court’s Peon Recruitment examination. While she was taking the exam, a woman constable of Ahmedabad Police took care of her child. Pictures of the same have been shared on Ahmedabad Police’s official Twitter handle. The pictures show the female constable holding the baby […]

Spiritual guru Pujya Ganpati Sachidanand led the religious event, which was attended by people of varying age groups. Guru Purnima is a religious festival wherein people express their gratitude towards spiritual and academic mentors.

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