Author: Anamika Singh

Oranges in dreams often symbolize good health. They are a sign that the difficulties are over and a good period is coming. They are a reminder to release negative emotions and old thought patterns and replace them with new and positive ones. A dream of oranges often indicates your desire to release some piled up […]

The Great Wall of China is being stolen brick by brick by locals to build houses and also by visitors as souvenirs.  

Being covered in dirt during a landslide could mean poverty. Falling in the dirt from a landslide tells you that there are intrigues and plots against you. If you are in dirt, with some effort you could become rich. If you see dirt from a landslide entering your house, it means secure affairs. Entering dirt […]

A UK couple who were quite frequent to Captain’s Table restaurant in Ireland, have named their child after the Indian cuisine. The eatery posted a touching message on Facebook to share the wonderful news. If anyone is wondering what the dish is called, it is none other than “Pakora.” A chicken pakora melt, a standard […]

Working hard will always help you to comes closer to your goal and you can achieve anything with your will. Rehna Shajahan perfectly sets the example as she hold 81 certificates in a day. The journey started when lost her MCom position at the Jamia Milia Islamia due to a fraction of a mark, she […]

A Japanese company has created a silicone toy called Mugen Puchipuchi designed to mimic the sensation of popping bubble wrap for infinite numner of times.

To miss an important date, such as a wedding is a sign that you are unprepared for the days ahead. This means that you are thinking about work too much. It can also mean there is not enough time to finish all the jobs in waking life. Being late in the dream signifies that you […]

A Chinese couple sold their three children for cash to play video games, according to a local report. Sanxiang City News newspaper said the parents, both under 21, sold their children for money to fund playing online games at internet cafes. Source: Eurogamer

To see a walking stick in a dream refers to being grateful, good changes, love and beauty. To see that you lose a walking stick in your dream indicates that you will have a lot of money thanks to a person that will confront you. To use a walking stick in your dream suggests that […]

Traveling at a distance of 20 billion km from Earth, Voyager 1 carries this Golden Record in case it is captured by aliens. The disc contains sounds of whales, baby crying, music collection and greetings in 55 languages.

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