Author: Anamika Singh

Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft and a philanthropist, is currently on a visit to India, and his various excursions have created considerable attention and discussion on the internet. In a recently shared video on social media, Bill Gates was captured relishing a cup of chai from a renowned tea stall in India. The footage […]

Recently, a video of a security guard’s daughter thanking her father for sending her to study abroad is going viral on social media. The efforts of the girl and her father are being applauded by celebrities including Ayushmann Khurrana and boAt Founder Aman Gupta. “Thank you Pappa for believing in me,” Dhanshree G wrote in […]

Members of the Karbi community in India broke a Guinness World Record when they formed a line of 721 people walking on stilts. The Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council organized the record attempt during the 50th Karbi Youth Festival in Assam and the 721 stilt-walkers donned traditional garb and formed a line stretching 1.24 miles. The […]

The global gaming industry was worth over US$227 billion in 2022, more than the American film and music industries combined, and is further projected to grow to US$312 billion by 2027. Revenues will continue to increase, primarily driven by higher investments in in-app advertising.  

Imagine losing your wallet in the ocean and giving up hope, only to have the sea return it months later. That’s exactly what happened to Marcie Callawaert, a resident of a remote island near Tofino, British Columbia. While walking her dogs on the beach, she stumbled upon a familiar sight amidst the tide-washed debris-her own […]

A University of British Columbia (UBC) student is making headlines after sharing that he flies to his college twice a week to avoid paying rent. Notably, Tim Chen, who is a resident of Calgary, says that opting for flights to his classes is cheaper than paying monthly rent in Vancouver. He only takes two classes per week at the […]

There are some signs and behaviours that may raise concern that your child is using drugs, however many of these signs are also common among teenagers so it’s important not to jump to conclusions. Some signs of drug use may include: Withdrawal from friends and family Change in friendships or problems with friends A drop in grades […]

Anti-Valentine’s Week begins just a day after Valentine’s Day – February 15. It consists of seven days – Slap Day on February 15, Kick Day on February 16, Perfume Day on February 17, Flirt Day on February 18, Confession Day on February 19, Missing Day on February 20, and Breakup Day on February 21. Source: NDTV

From ocean depths to mountain peaks, humans have littered the planet with plastic. Plastic particles have infiltrated even the most remote and seemingly pristine regions of the planet, even forests. As a result, wild animals often end up chewing discarded plastic which endangers their health. Recently, a video captured by wildlife photographer Deep Kathikar shows the extent of […]

People frequently reheat and eat leftover food the next day. However, a woman’s method of heating a leftover naan and consuming it has created a stir online. A user on Instagram recently shared a clip stating how leftover food tastes “10 times better” when consumed the next day. In the video, the woman, Alishay, is […]

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